Hampshire Area Group - Modular Layout Attendees

This page is for Hampshire Area Group Modular Layout Operators, showing expected attendance and bookings.

Show NumberLocation or VenueDateBase DutyNames and No. ModulesTotal Modules
Confirmed2019Tony Skraga Bryan Matthews Paul Betts Martin and Tom Petch Rich Hay Joe Payne Mike Creedy Brandon and Paul Magee Peter Bell Mike Turner Steve Rendall Paul Richardson Harry Cullen Spare 2
Done#01Fareham Rotarail 2019 27th April 2019 Tony32+121x2+1xRxx2xx14
Done#02Gosport Model Train Show 2019 18th May 2019 Tony32+1x1x2+10xxx2xx14
Done#03Bursledon Brickworks - Steampunk 26th May 2019 Tony32+121x2+16xxxxRx14
Done#04Hollycombe Steam Fairground 22nd & 23rd June 2019 Tony32+121x2+16RRxxXx18
Done#05Bursledon Brickworks - Trains at the Brickworks 21st July 2019 Tony32+1x1x2+1xxxxxxx10
Done#06Hollycombe Steam Fairground - Model Weekend 31st August & 1st September 2019 Tony32+121x2+1xxxxxRx12
Yes#07Bursledon Brickworks - Family Fun Day 29th September 2019 Tony32+121x2+1????xxx?
Can#08 Wickham - Solent G Scale Show 2019 19th October 2019 Tony32+121x??????????
Yes#09 Exeter Garden Railway Show 2019 26th October 2019 Tony32+121x??????????
Yes#10Bursledon Brickworks - Christmas at the Brickworks 24th November 2019 Tony32+121x??????xxx?

"R" in the table indicates Running but no modules. "x" in the table means not attending. A number followed by and asterisk eg "2*" means attending with someone elses modules.
Base Duty indicates who is managing the end boards for the event. This can be either the 8 curved pieces or the Traverser according to setup required.
Each module is 1220mm long, and the curved ends are 1375mm radius to the outside edge.
The space required for a particular circular setup is therefore Total Modules / 2 at 1220 long each plus 2 x curved end radii.
A show with 16 modules needs a layout space of (16 / 2 x 1220) + (1375 x 2) = 12.51m (41 feet). There needs to be sufficient space around three sides of the layout for viewing.

OwnerBoard 1Board 2Board 3Board 4Board 5Board 6
Tony Skraga WoodshedBoiler PlantEngine Shed
Bryan Matthews StraightStraightBridges
Paul Betts Platform 45 BayPlatform 45 Siding
Martin and Tom Petch Straight Country
Rich Hay Runner
Joe Payne HaltSidingsSide ExpansionSide Expansion
Mike Creedy StraightStraight
Brandon and Paul Magee Siding 45Siding 45Loop 32Loop 32StraightStraight
Peter Bell Runner
Mike Turner Runner
Steve Rendall Runner
Paul Richardson StraightSiding 45
Spare 1
Spare 2

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